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The Disabled Access Panel was set up to give guidance on access issues as required by the Disability Discrimination Act.

After October 2004 reasonable adjustments must be made by service providers.

"...From october 2004 companies and organisations that provide services to the public will be required by the Disability Discrimination Act to ensure that those services are reasonably accessible to disabled people. In many cases the most sensible/obvious way of doing so will be to ensure that the building within which the service is offered is accessible..."

"Apart from the fact that you have a legal duty under the Act to do what you reasonably can to make your services easier to use by disabled customers, there is also a strong business case. There are some 8.6 million people in the UK with some form of disability - a recent estimate put their collective spending power at more that £50 billion a year..."

The above are two quotes from the DDA literature.

Other customers will benefit from any improvements made, e.g. parents with pushchairs, people with heavy shopping and older, frail people.

The Disabled Access Panel can give guidance on the obligations of service providers and the rights of users. The panel will also look at plans for any public buildings and give comment on these plans. Site visits are also carried out.

There is opportunity for members to complete an audit training course run by Heriott Watt University and paid for by the funds allocated from the Scottish Executive.

We now have a variety of leaflets and brochures available for informational purposes some of which are listed below:

  • Bringing the DDA to life for small shops
  • Cafe case study
  • Hairdressing Salon
  • Newsagents
  • Sign Design Guide
  • Assistance Dog Owners
  • Making access to goods and services easier for disabled customers
  • Access Panel Meetings

The meetings are open, and therefore anyone with or without a disability is welcome to come along to give input and to tell us of any known access problems.

New recruits are always needed so why not get in touch and have your say and share your expertise to help others? You can contact us here